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    How can I check the balance on my Amazon gift card?

  • Adding a Gift Card When employed to your Amazon accounts, the entire amount will be added to a gift card balance. Your gift card balance will be applied automatically to qualified requests through the checkout process and also if working with 1-Click.

    How do I redeem an Amazon gift card?

    1. Locate the claim code. Note: To plastic gift cards, you might have to scratch the coating over the back of the card to show the promise code. ...
    2. Proceed Back.
    3. Click Employ a Gift Card to Your Account.
    Enter your assert code and then click Apply to Your Balance. Note: you could also put in your claim code during checkout.

    How do I check the balance on my Amazon credit card?

    The best way to assess your own Amazon gift card equilibrium on desktop

    1. Log in to your account and out of the site, hover Accounts & Lists, then click" Your Account." Click" Your Account" from the accounts menu. ...

    2. Click on the box which says" Present Cards." ...

    3. you'll probably be taken to a page in which you could view your giftcard balance, in addition to recent trades using Amazon gift-cards .

    How do I assess my gift card balance?

    Store Cards

    It's possible to view your store card balance from assessing the corporation web site or simply by telephoning the number on the trunk part of your own card.

  • The way to redeem a gift card code in amazon.com/redeem?

    • Head to the amazon.com/redeem using the browser of cellphone or PC.
    • Join with your Amazon account password and username. If you have a free account subsequently refer to this former section to 
    • produce a merchant account.
    • Then you are going to reach the Present card maintain page.
    • Now scrape the bottom of this card and then input the"Present card " from the box onto the monitor.
    • For those who experience an ecard then check your email to your"Present card ".
    • Consequently, your giftcard value is going to be added into the"Present card balance" your Amazon account.

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